Welcome to the homepage of the Korean Academy of Scientists and Engineers in Australasia (KASEA). As the newly inaugurated President of KASEA from 2024 for two years, I am sending each one of you my warm greeting and sincere gratitude on behalf of the newly formed executive team. I am humbled and committed to lead KASEA of excellent professionals in science and technology for two years with your ongoing support.

KASEA was established in Sydney on 5 December 2009 to promote the dissemination and exchange of knowledge and research results in relation to science, engineering and technologies across South Korea, Australia and New Zealand. KASEA is a non-profit academic organisation approved by the Australian government. Currently KASEA consists of 8 branches ((ACT, NSW, QLD, SA, TAS, WA, VIC and New Zealand) with over 250 Korean professional members who are working at universities, research organisations and relevant industry in Australia and New Zealand. KASEA has hosted major organisational events such as Asia-Korea Conference (AKC) on Science and Technology in 2014, 2018 and 2023.

We are currently encountering unprecedented global challenges and opportunities. Digital transformation with regenerative AI and energy transformation with climate change are asking us to be more competitive and cooperative than any other time to survive in the professional world. Along with reduced R&D spending in South Korea this year, less job opportunities in Australia and New Zealand, compared to North America and Europe, have long limited our choices to work where and what. To overcome this limitation, KASEA has been a vibrant organisation, playing a vital role to form a strong network of individual professionals across Australia and New Zealand through various activities and projects. Networking with relevant local professionals and provision of key information in time are as important as staying competitive in their professional areas.

KASEA will continue to serve as an effective platform for professional development, information sharing and active networking. Especially this year KASEA will focus on supporting young generation and professional scientists and engineers for their full potentials to be realised. I am sure that your steady support and active participation will uplift our reputations and status significantly within our local societies as well as in South Korea.

2024-25 KASEA 8th President Jun-Seok Bae

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