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David Harris

Research Director

David leads the Low Emissions Technologies program which aims to assist Australian government and industry to develop technology pathways for low emissions renewable and coal based technologies to increase efficiencies and reduce costs of greenhouse gas emission reduction options while ensuring secure and sustainable energy supply.
David has extensive research experience in fundamental and applied aspects of coal combustion and gasification systems. David has published over 170 research reports and papers on a wide range of coal and energy technologies with particular emphasis on coal and coke reactivity, high temperature & high-pressure reactions, coal combustion and gasification and their applications in metallurgical and low emissions power generation technologies. David established CSIRO’s high-pressure coal gasification research facilities at the Queensland Centre for Advanced Technologies which provides unique capabilities for advanced gasification, syngas processing and gas separation research and development. David’s group has developed collaborative links with international research and technology development groups in USA, Japan, China, Korea, Europe and South Africa.

The Low Emissions Technology (LET) Research Program focusses on:

– High Efficiency Thermal & Electrochemical Technologies: Capabilities and projects across a range of advanced gasification, syngas, combustion, thermochemical, electrochemical and membrane technologies associated with high efficiency energy conversion and power generation technologies. Technologies under development include advanced high efficiency, low emission coal and renewable fuels technologies, modular fuel cell and direct injection carbon engine (DICE) systems and energy storage technologies.

– Emissions Management & CO2 Capture: emissions characterisation, reactions and impacts as well as mitigation of emissions, particularly greenhouse gas related emissions, through development and demonstration of near and medium-term CO2 capture technologies.

– Solar Energy Systems: Solar thermal and PV technologies for power generation and energy storage. The solar thermal activities cover the entire technology chain including solar collection field design and optimisation, solar receiver technologies and integrated chemical process engineering for utilisation and storage of solar thermal energy. The solar PV activities are closely linked through capabilities with other groups within CSIRO and include capabilities in advanced PV materials and cell design.