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Shin-Chan Han


Prof. Shin-Chan Han was born and grew up in South Korea. He studied Earth Science at the Seoul National University, South Korea. In 1998, he started postgraduate work Geodetic Science and Surveying at the Ohio State University, the United States. After finishing PhD in 2003, he stayed at the Ohio State University for three years as a postdoc and research scientist. In 2006, he accepted a position at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. In 2015, he moved to Australia to take a lead in space geodesy research and education in the University of Newcastle (UoN).

Since 2004, he has been participating as a science team member for NASA’s Gravity Recovery And Climate Experiment (GRACE) and GRACE Follow-On satellite missions to study global changes of the Earth. He has demonstrated applicability of satellite geodetic data to various problems in hydrology, oceanography, solid Earth physics, and earthquakes. He has pioneered a number of geodetic techniques to process GRACE satellite data and helped to maximize the science return from the satellite mission.

During his tenure at NASA and UoN, he obtained a number of research grants to pursue interdisciplinary research in Geodesy and Satellite Surveying for the Earth and other planets in the solar system. He is a winner of various awards given by American Geophysical Union, NASA Headquarter, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, US Department of the Interior, the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping, and the Institute of Navigation.